Set your data free

All your data in one place. Organised, enriched with AI, and ready for you to analyse, acquire and automatically engage and retain your customers.

Listen and respond to your customer data

Turn your data into valuable and fully actionable 360° customer insights with the TEYB sales and marketing platform. 

TEYB uses machine learning and AI to enrich your data, and all customer insights can be used directly within the platform or for external purposes like website personalization.

In short, we help you to get better at listening to your customers, and responding automatically and individually to actual or predicted behaviors.

All your data - in one place

TEYB unifies your data in one big data platform and our pre-built connectors and APIs allows you to orchestrate customer interactions and experiences.

Enriched customer profiles

The enriched customer profile view is the cornerstone of  effective insights and advanced data-driven sales and marketing execution.

TEYB integrates digital and offline data across all common systems and enrich the prospect and customer data before it is grouped into a single 360° profile view.

Simple, powerful segmentation

Take your market segmentations and actions to the next level by targeting precisely the right people at the right time and with the right content.

TEYB’s audience builder enables you to segment customers based on all available attributes and our advanced machine learning analytics.

Detailed insights

Gain detailed insights about each individual customer (or segments) across all available data sources with the 360° customer view and analytics dashboard.

TEYB organizes and enriches your data in a way gives you valuable insights to power actionable sales and omnichannel marketing

Unlock the power of
AI and Machine Learning

Machine learning predicts individual customer behavior and analytical models group customers together based on interest and actions. You can use this for insights, analysis, intelligent segmentation and tiggers for your marketing actions.

Predict and lower churn

Take proactive steps towards customers that are likely to leave you by setting up automatic “win-back” campaigns or “leave alarms” for your most important customers.

TEYB’s algorithms can tell you which of your customers are most likely to leave in the coming months.

Increase share of wallet

Get recommendations on what your customers should be interested in buying more of, and from which product categories, through detailed share of wallet insights.

TEYB’s continuously analyze all your sales data to give you (or your sales team) up to date insights about customers and habits

The right recommendation

Improve your customers’ email and/or web experience with personalized product recommendations that they will actually be interested in.

TEYB’s recommendation engine is a powerful AI tool that supports personalized marketing and shopping experiences for customers (emails or website ).

Build automated campaigns

Base your sales and marketing campaigns on data instead of “assumptions”. TEYB organizes your data and provides you with valuable insights and tools. Use these to create actionable marketing campaigns, powered by the strengths of AI and machine learning.

Automated campaigns

Create fully automated outbound marketing flows (or internal communications) based on actual or predicted individual behavior.

TEYB offers a vast number of campaign triggers that can be combined with customer segments in any way. The machine learning behind TEYB ensures flawless personalisation for each and every customer

Optimise use of channels

Use expensive channels (sales rep, email) for your loyal and important customers, and make use of inexpensive channels for all other customers and prospects.

TEYB provides you with a setup for automatically splitting your customers to different marketing channels.

Dynamic content

Make sure to use “smart” or “adaptive” dynamic content in your emails or on your website.

TEYB’s dynamic content tool and api makes it possible to provide individualized content based on behavior, preferences, and predictions. The content will be generated the moment a user opens an email or visits the website.

Get Started

We deliver the TEYB platform as a service. It’s simple and free to get started and requires only minimum effort from you.

We usually onboard in three steps over 2-3 weeks. After this all features of the platform can be utilized directly, and the algorithms starts working for you.

Data assessment (including AI readiness check).

We advise you on how your organization can leverage from TEYB.

Outline business objectives and priorities.

Go or no-go decision.

Data can be imported as we receive them from you, we will do the work.

The platform will organize the data and prepare it for the AI/ML algorithms.

We will also migrate existing campaigns to TEYB.

We will walk you through our interface and help you setup your first campaigns, segments, insight and other features of our platform.

Our algorithms will start working and the TEYB features are ready for use.

We will be available for ongoing support to optimize the value for your business.

Our Clients

Driving technology for leading brands, some of them are:

About innohead

Innohead is a digital consulting and software company. We are heavily invested in the field of AI and machine learning, and aspire to deliver our customers the best data-driven and predictive sales and marketing services that’s available in the market today.  

Building on our diverse expertise in delivering actual results across a wide number of industries we have applied our first class analytical and technical capabilities into developing a web-based platform that can deliver automated and intelligent data-driven sales and marketing solutions. We call the platform TEYB.

We love what we do and are dedicated to our customers’ growth and success. 


Our Management Team

If you want to hear more about TEYB and our value propositions, please call or write us. We will be more than happy to invite you for a cup of coffee or come by your office to discuss options.

We are a growing team of dedicated data scientists, engineers, economists and programmers. We have development teams in Denmark and Ukraine. 

In our Copenhagen office on Vesterbrogade 74 you will find our management team:

Niels Stender


PhD in Economics & Management
M:  +45 2126 8820

Karsten Bjerring Olsen

User experience

MSc in Economics
M:  +45 3013 8263

Ann Skov Madsen

customer experience

MSc in Economics & Finance
M:  +45 5327 8189

Rune Mikkel Jensen

business development

MSc in Engineering
M:  +45 4240 3737